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    Retail & Wholesale Solutions

  • 1. Order Processing Management
    We’ll help you manage your orders in one place and reduce the hassle. Effective managing can help you lower your costs as you can send one delivery man for a locality, instead of responding to single orders. Managing multiple orders becomes easy with custom web services built especially for your business. You can get a personalized order processing management system for your retail or distribution business with SKetch MultiCorp.
  • 2. Easy Multi-compnay Invoicing
    Getting a higher margin is easier with the help of setting multiple prices. Our efficient software lets you manage multiple price levels from a single platform. Your entire service can be compressed into one single platform from where you can fix the prices for different commodities.
  • 3. E-Finance Support goals
    Manage your finance easily with Sketch MultiCorp pocket finance systems. Get real-time reports for orders and purchases on your mobile or another platform. Our online ordering portal will allow you to manage the orders and delivery rates. Let your customers place orders from the convenience of their homes. With smart finance management, you can improve your order delivery system as well.
  • 4. Wholesale Distrubution Solution goals
    We offer software solutions for wholesale distribution across a wide range of products and services. You can manage your entire downstream supply chain with the help of effective distribution software. Our web solutions will help you make proper decisions based on real-time analysis of statistics.

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