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    Entertainment Solutions

  • 1. Digital Media processing system
    The digital industry has become very complex in its features and functionalities. It can become really difficult to manage all the media content at the same time. A custom digital processing platform can help you keep track of your digital asset and manage them with ease. Also, you will get complete support for all your database, files, and assets. Thus, Real-time dashboard will give you a clear representation of all your assets with minute details.
  • 2. Media Streamlining
    Get a streamlines process system for your digital media. Also, order processing for distribution becomes easy with a streamlined process of content management. Thus, you can upload as many files you want on the system. With a real-time report, you will be able to manage your files on the go. So, searching for media files becomes easy with Sketch MultiCorp database system.
  • 3. Digital Media Distribution Software goals
    Distributing media is an equally challenging job. But, at Sketch MultiCorp we work tirelessly to give you the best software solution for digital media distribution. With a seamless digital media inventory, you will be able to give your consumers what they want. Further, our AI based research can help you analyze the media market and sell the right media to the right people.

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