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    Healthcare Solutions

  • 1. Healthcare Management System
    Sketch MultiCorp mission is to reach as many healthcare operators as possible and provide them better solutions. A simple technological advancement can save a thousand more lives . We make your operations easy by handling and managing the medica l data. We create secure databases for patients and medical staff. Along with that, we also help you set up remote laboratories to increase accessibility to far-off areas. We aim to provide healthcare facilities across every corner of the world. With our kiosk support centres, you can provide medical assistance in the remotest areas.
  • 2. Digital Healthcare
    Every sector is making a digital leap. So, why should healthcare be behind? Further, we help you develop custom software for managing your database across remote areas. So, with the help of mobile monitoring systems, we help you extend medical support to whichever area you want. Also, at the time of emergencies, a digital portal can quickly address critical issues that can save millions of lives.
  • 3. Advance EHR/EMR Systems goals
    We design special software for all your needs, including EHR/EMR systems. So, it will help you track the patient’s status even if they don’t come for regular check-ups. Thus, you can focus all your energy on taking care of your patients and leave the rest to us.

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