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    Banking & Finance Solutions

  • 1. Online Banking Solution
    Sketch MultiCorp is the leading platform for developing online banking solutions. So, we build e-portals for banking and finance sectors where they can provide better services to their customers. Let your customers enjoy the benefits of banking, even while sitting at home. Online banking is the next step towards the future, and every bank is adopting the trend. Thus, we help in your online transactions and give you secure fund transfers.
  • 2. Mobile Wallet
    With the help of the internet, people can now send money to far off people within a few seconds. Mobile wallets have mobilized money in the true sense. Also, we provide smart solutions for mobile banking and make it possible for your organization to allow mobile transfers.
  • 3. Automatic Payments goals
    Don’t let your customers take the trouble of selecting their payment methods each day. So, with Skectch MultiCorp, you can set up payment automation with your website. As a result, customers can avail of the benefits of automatic payments through your website and mobile applications.Sketch MultiCorp provides secure banking gateways to financial sectors. With the help of new technology and solutions, we create finance websites that have excellent features. Thus, with us, you will always get reliability and security for all your financial processes.

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